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Approach to anti-money laundering & anti-terrorismfrançais

RBC Investor & Treasury Services has created policies covering Anti-money laundering, Client due diligence, Terrorist financing and economic sanctions that set forth minimum standards to ensure compliance with the anti-money laundering laws and regulations to which RBC Investor & Treasury Services operations are subject in jurisdictions in which the company operates. The policies are designed to be consistent with Financial Action Task Force (FATF) recommendations and other international standards.

RBC Investor & Treasury Services defines money laundering as any act or attempt to disguise the source of money or asset derived from criminal activity, and is a criminal offence in all jurisdictions in which RBC Investor & Treasury Services does business. RBC Investor & Treasury Services is committed to preventing the use of its financial services for money-laundering purposes, by establishing policies and processes to ensure that:

  • only those whose activities can reasonably be established to be legitimate are accepted as clients,
  • staff are trained to recognise and react appropriately to unusual or potential money-laundering activity and understand their legal obligations to report activity and transactions, and
  • appropriate records of client information and transactions are retained.

RBC Investor & Treasury Services policy requires that its business units identify reportable activities and transactions in each jurisdiction in which they operate and establish processes to ensure reporting as required. In addition, RBC Investor & Treasury Services business units are required to establish processes to identify and investigate unusual activities and transactions and ensure that all activities and transactions reasonably suspected to be related to money laundering are reported to the designated Anti-Money Laundering Officer.

RBC Investor & Treasury Services business units are required to take reasonable and appropriate measures to establish the identities of their clients and others for whom they may provide financial services, and to open accounts and conduct transactions only after identity is verified to the satisfaction of RBC Investor & Treasury Services.

RBC Investor & Treasury Services requires businesses to document the measures taken to identify clients and retain records of the due diligence measures taken for at least five years after the account in question is closed.

Anti-terrorism and know-your-client policies

In addition, RBC Investor & Treasury Services has developed enterprise-wide policies and procedures regarding compliance with economic sanctions and anti-terrorism legislation, as well as client due diligence policy.


Internal Audit reviews business units' Anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism, economic sanctions and client due diligence programs for compliance with the relevant policies, procedures and regulations in all relevant audits completed during each audit cycle. In addition, Internal Audit from time to time conducts enterprise-wide audits specific to these areas.

Technological tools

RBC Investor & Treasury Services has available various solutions to assist in complying with the various reporting obligations. In addition, RBC Investor & Treasury Services searches all client databases against various control lists to ensure that RBC Investor & Treasury Services is not doing business with a listed individual or entity.

For further information, please contact a local representative.