Corporate Integrity

Our priorities:

  • Govern responsibly
  • Promote integrity and ensure compliance
  • Manage risk effectively

One of our priorities is to uphold principles, policies and procedures that promote integrity and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulatory requirements. The RBC Code of Conduct reflects our fundamental values and is integral to the way we do business. In addition, it reflects the expectations outlined in relevant laws and regulations in the jurisdictions where we operate, and is supplemented by internal policies and controls addressing our expectations and obligations. All employees must complete a course on the Code of Conduct and commit to it annually.

Risk is present in virtually all aspects of a financial services company’s business, so sound risk management practices are fundamental to our long-term success. In fact, an informed and responsible approach to risk management is a core competency for RBC. Our goal is to ensure that business activities and transactions provide an appropriate balance of return for the risks assumed, and remain within our risk appetite.

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