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RBC Volunteers Remove 4,100 Plastic Bottles from the River Thames

Find out how we're safeguarding London's waterways through our three year partnership with Zoological Society of London (ZSL)

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London | August 14, 2018

Colleagues who took part in the volunteering said:

"I really enjoyed representing RBC for such a good cause. The day not only gave me the opportunity to learn more about our partnership but also the efforts being made to clean up the Thames river bank and progress with the #OneLess movement. Wilst I am aware of the environmental situation it was quite shocking to see so much plastic in a small area. It's great to hear that soon there will be more water fountains in London so that people can fill up their reusable bottles and hopefully stop using single-use plastics."

Tracey Morgan, Senior Network Manager, Network Management, Global Client Coverage, RBC Investor & Treasury Services

Making a difference on our doorstep

In London it is estimated that one person will use around 175 single-use plastic bottles each year. Even if these bottles are disposed of correctly, a large number will work their way into the River Thames - killing seabirds, marine life and endangering our river ecosystems.

By partnering with ZSL our ambition is to leverage technology and innovation capabilities to solve pressing environmental challenges such as the plastic problem affecting the River Thames. Delivering against the UN's Sustainable Development Goal for clean water management, we are working closely with ZSL to mobilize change in plastic and waste pollution and advocate the protection of the river. Our goal is to see London become a city where using a reusable water bottle is the social norm, and where there are systems in place to support this behaviour.