Market Services - Video Transcript

In today's market environment, tools that help optimize portfolio returns are more relevant than ever.

Our specialist expertise can assist in extracting additional value from idle assets mitigating risk in volatile currency markets, and optimizing cash and liquidity.

Our securities lending program can help generate incremental portfolio returns within your defined investment and risk guidelines. We collaborate with our clients to design a strategy that reflects their unique objectives.Our disciplined approach to risk management has resulted in zero losses to our clients for over 35 years. 

Whether you view cross-currency transactions as a strategic asset class or simply a vehicle for trade settlement, we help clients implement and execute an FX strategy that works for them. From passive currency hedging through to delegated FX execution, our clients benefit from a suite of integrated solutions to help mitigate the risks involved.

In today’s dynamic and complex financial environment, effective cash management is critical to institutional investors. Our experts can work with you to help optimize your cash and liquidity, reduce risk and increase potential returns.