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Open banking snapshot

Enthusiasm about open banking is growing globally, and Canada’s financial services industry is at the forefront of developing an appropriate framework

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Five Minute Focus: How Data is Changing Everything

RBC Chief Data Officer Jennifer Stott discusses the importance of data in empowering our clients, the benefits of an informed data strategy and more

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Five minute focus with Priya Nair

RBC I&TS’ Priya Nair discusses how private capital fund managers can scale up their operations through automation to more effectively manage complex asset classes and simplify administrative burdens

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Changing the liquidity goal posts

Fund liquidity terms come under scrutiny yet investors demand access to illiquid assets

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Pooled Fund Survey Q3 2019

RBC I&TS’ survey provides comparative return information for individual pooled funds available in Canada and includes data from over 90 managers, covering approximately 700 unique funds

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Canadian Pension Returns

RBC I&TS’ All Plan Universe reveals Canadian defined benefit pension plans returned 1.7% in the third quarter of 2019, with the market signaling a slowdown of global economic growth

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