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What do aviation and asset management have in common?

Data experts from RBC I&TS and Palantir discuss how looking to other industries, such as aviation, may provide asset managers with valuable inspiration in developing a meaningful data strategy

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Are alternative mutual funds gaining traction?

Carol Derk, Partner, and Ron Kosonic, Partner at Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, discuss considerations for asset managers looking to add alternative mutual funds to their offerings

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Efficiency, Experience & ETFs

RBC I&TS’ 2019 Australian Asset Manager Survey found that in the year ahead, Australian asset managers plan to focus on three key areas: efficiency, experience and ETFs

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Canada to review investment industry self-regulated framework

Regulatory Intelligence

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The RBC Disruptor’s Handbook

21 things we've learned about digital disruption during the RBC Disruptor series from some remarkable organizations such as Apple, Shopify, Amazon, YouTube, and more

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RBC Econoscope

RBC's monthly publication offering economic highlights, forecasts, trends and analysis with a focus on the Canadian market

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