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Lifting the lid on the mysterious world of third party marketing

We are pleased to present ‘Lifting the lid on the mysterious world of third party marketing’, a collaborative report conducted by global consultancy, Insight Discovery, featuring key partners Pinsent Masons, Gemini Capital Management and RBC I&TS.

The report examines how the generally misunderstood Third Party Marketing (TPM) sector presents viable, transparent and increasingly regulated asset solutions for both small and large investment managers. 

Key take-aways from the report: 

  • More than two-thirds (70%) of TPM firms work with between three and nine investment management companies – with 46% of them working with three to five clients
  • 14% of TPM firms raise over $500m in investor capital in a typical year
  • Equity managers represent by far the largest percentage of investment managers for TPM firms, followed by alternative managers and then fixed income managers
  • Just over two-thirds (69%) of TPM firms are regulated in at least some of the markets where they promote the investment strategies of their clients
  • 69% of TPM firms have been set up since the financial crisis in 2008, with 15% launched since the start of the pandemic

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Originally published by Insight Discovery, Lifting the lid on the mysterious world of third party marketing, June 2021