IBOR Finds Signals Among the Noise

By Funds Europe

In a recent interview with Funds Europe, Ben Pumfrett, Head of Product and Profitability, Middle Office at RBC Investor & Treasury Services (RBC I&TS) discusses the biggest concerns currently faced by asset managers and why establishing and maintaining an enterprise-wide Investment Book of Record (IBOR) will be a key element in successful front-office operations. 

IBOR Finds Signals Among the Noise

“It is not hard to see why asset managers describe their investment book of records (IBOR) in such reverent terms. It allows them to see all their holdings across different fund ranges, mandates and cash balances in one place, allowing them to make investment decisions, forecast cashflows and manage liquidity.”

- Ben Pumfrett, RBC I&TS

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Originally published by Funds Europe, IBOR finds signals among the noise, October 2021