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Rising rate of interest

The US Federal Reserve cautiously signals that stable growth may lie ahead

In March 2017, for the third time in the past decade, the US Federal Reserve raised the federal funds target rate by a quarter percentage point to a range between 0.75 percent and 1 percent.


Innovation Drive: Can Toronto Build the Car of the Future?

Uber wants to make Toronto a global research hub for autonomous driving vehicles. General Motors believes the city already is.

Distributing UCITS in Canada

A guide for investment managers

UCITS offers investment managers the opportunity to access new markets and generate business growth.

Dodd-Frank's future, and impact remains cloudy

Preservation efforts to prevent financial turmoil collide with efforts to kickstart the US economy

In an effort to drive economic growth, President Donald Trump signed an executive order in early February 2017 to restructure the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Canadian pension returns

Q1 2017

Canadian and global equities deliver strong results, based on RBC Investor & Treasury Services' All Plan Pension Universe.

Asia rising

Regional fund passporting initiatives aim to spur domestic investment

The success of UCITS funds, which are widely regarded as the gold standard of cross-border funds around the world, has motivated several Asian governments to establish their own regional passporting schemes.

RBC Econoscope

Monthly economic highlights with a focus on the Canadian market.

Fintech and regulators

For fintech's potential to be realized, supervisory authorities must manage its impact on financial stability

The growth of financial and regulatory technologies is redefining the relationship between central banks, regulatory bodies and financial services firms.

Why the launch of individual retirement plans in Italy is a big deal

New individual savings plans create opportunities for asset managers

Italy's new individual retirement plans, known as "piani individuali di risparmio" (PIR), are an important element of the government's efforts to channel individual savings into economically productive investment.

AML instincts

RBC Econoscope

Blockchain of Command