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MiFID II: the price of investment research

MiFID II's sweeping reforms are set to transform the investment research industry, with the impact to be felt far beyond the European Union

RBC’s Dave McKay opens SIBOS 2017

Advances in technology have to led to the most disruptive – and creative – period ever in the financial services industry


How to Innovate Like a Surfer Dude

Securities Lending round-up

RBC I&TS’ securities lending expertise has recently been featured in key industry publications, Global Investor ISF and Securities Lending Times.

'Decoding coding' to empower individuals for the digital age

'Decoded' looks to democratize the language of the fourth industrial revolution

Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, defines this era - the moment in history when technology began to affect almost every facet of everyday life - as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Five lessons on nurturing entrepreneurial thinking in mature organizations

Large organizations that cultivate a startup-like culture are unstoppable

RBC Econoscope


The Future of Education: It’s About the Tech and the Teaching

Australia forges its regtech path

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission continues to assess the impact and opportunities of regulatory technology

Assessing PRIIPs KIDs

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RBC Econoscope


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