Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR) Disclosure Documents

Under the Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR), RBC Investor & Treasury Services (RBC I&TS) is required to disclose information relating to the levels of segregation we provide in respect of securities we hold directly for clients with Central Securities Depositories (CSDs) within the European Economic Area (EEA).

RBC I&TS’ CSDR disclosure documents for RBC Investor Services Bank France S.A., RBC Investor Services Bank S.A., and RBC Investor Services Trust – UK Branch, are available below, and include:

  • A description of the main legal implications of the respective levels of segregation offered
  • Information on applicable insolvency laws
  • Glossary of terms
  • Costs associated with the types of accounts with CSDs that we currently make available to clients including:
    • Omnibus Client Segregated Accounts (OSAs)
    • Individual Client Segregated Accounts (ISAs)

These documents may be updated from time to time. Please ensure that you consider the most recent version of the disclosure on our website, which will supersede and override any previous version.

Disclosure documents

  • RBC Investor Services Bank France S.A. (February 2020) [EN] [FR]
  • RBC Investor Services Bank S.A. (February 2020) [EN]
  • RBC Investor Services Trust – UK Branch (February 2020) [EN]