Make A Complaint

There are a variety of ways you can express concerns or provide positive feedback about your experience with RBC Investor & Treasury Services. We encourage you to get in touch with us either in person or by telephone, email, mail or fax. 

Step One – Start at the source

To raise a concern, please contact your RBC Investor & Treasury Services (RBC I&TS) representative in the jurisdiction where you have contracted with us. Should you wish further information about the RBC I&TS complaint handling process, please click here for RBC I&TS procedure summary for handling complaints promptly and fairly

Please note that specific complaint handling rules apply in certain locations (refer to below and Step 4).

  • Clients contracted in the UK are encouraged to follow the Making a Complaint process outlined on our UK Locations page.
  • Clients contracted in Luxembourg are encouraged to follow the Making a Complaint process outlined on our Luxembourg Location page.

Step Two – Escalate the complaint within RBC

Certain matters that remain unresolved may be directed to RBC I&TS Bank / RBC I&TS Trust Chief Compliance Officers at the following address:

RBC I&TS Trust Canada Compliance department1 
Email: RBC I&TS Compliance
RBC I&TS Bank Luxembourg Compliance department2 

Step Three – Appeal to the RBC Client Complaints Appeal Office

Should you be dissatisfied with the outcome of the review performed through steps 1 and 2, you will be have the option to appeal your complaint to the RBC Client Complaints Appeal Office , which is the most senior designated office appointed to address appealed complaints within RBC.  If you choose to appeal your complaint, we will forward it on your behalf to the RBC Client Complaints Appeal Office.

Step Four– Escalation to Local Regulators / Ombudsmen

In Luxembourg, Ireland, France and UK, you are also entitled to escalate your complaints externally. Whilst RBC will strive to treat your fairly and is committed to investigating all complaints diligently and impartially, seeking to resolve any complaints as soon as possible, we refer to dedicated pages (Making a Complaint), should you require additional information on local processes and context for external escalation:

1. RBC Investor Services Trust Canada
2. RBC Investor Services Bank entities in Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, Hong-Kong