Middle Office Solutions

With a flexible modular approach to delivering meaningful insight, our middle office solutions are designed around your strategic, financial, tactical and administrative needs and can help:

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to the evolving technological environment


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operational and financial performance


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financial, operational and reputational risk


Supporting a wide range of investment strategies, our middle office solutions are custodian agnostic and leverage comprehensive data visualization tools to provide you with the oversight and control you need.


Our Middle Office Modules


Delivered Through Data Visualisation

As your middle office data partner, we can deliver the meaningful insight you need in the format you choose. Through customizable dashboards and detailed views of accounts, we'll provide on demand access to management information including data exceptions/outliers, trends across significant data sets, drill-downs and data exploration capabilities.

RBC One Data Visualisation Tools

The Middle Office oversight tool allows users to customise reporting options to deliver the data that is important, providing an exception based view of controls and a clear audit trail to support regulatory oversight obligations.