The Quest for Resilience
Canadian Asset and Wealth Manager Survey 2020

RBC Investor & Treasury Services’ annual survey of Canadian asset and wealth managers, conducted in June 2020, reflects the perspectives of 101 managers from across the country.

Key takeaways

o Respondents are maintaining a positive outlook in the face of COVID-19 and ongoing market volatility

o Managers continue to focus on building resilient organizations as they look to improve efficiency through digitization and integration across their firms—efforts that were accelerated in response to the pandemic

o Data is increasingly important but price and quality are key considerations

o Interest in socially responsible investing remains lukewarm—at least for now

o Managers anticipate increased demand for cash during these recessionary times, while an expected shift to active investments may not achieve the desired results

o Working from home will endure but on-site working is unlikely to disappear

o Underlying clients are deemed to value transparency and efficiency more than low fees and high returns—a reversal, which likely reflects the current disruptive environment

Did you know?


Cost of a single data breach in Canada’s financial industry(1)


Proportion of US CFOs planning to accelerate automation(2)


# of people with internet access—59% of the world’s population(3)


Proportion of Canadian workers teleworking at the end of March 2020(4)

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Survey results

Positive outlook
4.1 / 5.0

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Lukewarm interest in SRI
3.6 / 5.0

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Market volatility
#1 challenge

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Service, transparency and efficiency
Attributes most valued by underlying clients

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Improving efficiency
#1 focus

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Most popular asset class

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Digitizing manual processes
#1 technology priority

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Active investments
Most popular investment strategy

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Quality and cost
Top data challenges

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Working from home
Most lasting legacy of COVID-19

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About the survey respondents


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Size (by assets under management)

About the survey respondents - Size


About the survey respondents - Role
  1. * Including in-house and third-party managers
  2. ** Including relationship management and technology

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  1. 1 Royal Bank of Canada quarterly results released July 31, 2020
  2. 2 Standard & Poor’s (AA-) and Moody’s (Aa2) legacy senior long-term debt ratings of Royal Bank of Canada as of August 25, 2020


David J. Giannone
Global Head of Business Development

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