Protecting the Environment

Working towards a sustainable future

RBC Tech for Nature is part of our commitment to help preserve the world’s greatest wealth—our natural ecosystem. We work with partners across the globe to leverage technology and innovation capabilities that help solve pressing environmental challenges.

Our Partnership Highlights

Swim Drink Fish logo image

Swim Drink Fish

Swim Drink Fish, a national organization committed to empowering people to know and safeguard their waters, is utilizing RBC’s support to enhance their online Swim Guide and Great Lakes Guide. The guides provide valuable information on water quality based on the organization’s water testing program.

Rideau Hall Foundation Logo

Rideau Hall Foundation

RBC is partnering with the Rideau Hall Foundation to support the Arctic Inspiration Prize (AIP) and its $3 million in annual prize funding for innovation. AIP celebrates inspiring achievements of the people of Canada’s North, recognizing diverse teams and enabling innovative projects that address climate change and lands-based challenges. The RBC North Star Technology Accelerator supports AIP Laureate projects with a primary focus on environmental sustainability and technology acceleration.


Reef Check Malaysia (RCM)

Since 2015, RBC Malaysia has partnered with RCM to support the protection of the marine life of Tioman Island.

Forty RBC I&TS divers return to Tioman Island to work with RCM to restore and revive the fragile coral reef ecosystems and clean the shoreline each year.

WWF Logo
United Kingdom and Europe


For the second consecutive year, RBC Tech for Nature is pleased to support WWF’s Walrus from Space Project. Due to climate change, the artic is warming twice as fast as the global average, which is endangering walrus’. This partnership will help understand the walrus population and trends, in hopes of providing them with a healthy future.

As a core pillar of our Climate Blueprint, RBC #TechForNature is supporting more than 120 partner organizations around the world, utilizing innovative technologies to protect the world’s natural ecosystem. Learn more at