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#JourneyofWater in Malaysia

When we turn on our taps, do we ever wonder where that water comes from or what it takes to ensure there is clean and drinkable water?

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Kuala Lumpur | April 21 - 23, 2018

Twelve RBC Water Heroes experienced a true appreciation of the actual journey that water takes through the Klang Valley to our taps in Kuala Lumpur. Joined by WWF-Malaysia, water and environmental experts, social influencers, water related agencies and conservationists, our Water Heroes went on a three day Journey of Water (JoW) in the Selangor State.

JoW is an expedition that connects people to their local water resources to reinforce the message that this precious natural resource needs to be safeguarded, restored and valued. Malaysia is the fourth country to have taken part in this campaign after South Africa, Zambia and Brazil.

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“I have always been exposed to the importance of water conservation and keeping the environment clean. However, this journey made me realize that as end consumers, we often blame agencies and everyone around us about water quality or shortage. However, little do we think about our own actions and ignorance as the source of pollution.”

Cassandra Wenceslas, Administrator,
Entitlements Middle Office, Shared Services