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The RBC Disruptor’s Handbook

21 Things We’ve Learned about Digital Disruption

We are in the early stages of the biggest technology-driven revolution since the advent of electricity.

Entire industries and careers are being created or overturned, and the disruptors tend to be entrepreneurs and innovative organizations whose greatest asset is mindset.

We launched RBC Disruptors in 2015 to explore how this new tribe is using technology to change everything around us. Since then, we’ve profiled 50 remarkable organizations–Shopify, Slack, Ritual, Apple and Amazon, among them–and gained some remarkable insights.

If they had a playbook, they’d call it B.L.A.S.T.

  • Build…a culture that balances speed and resilience.
  • Learn…in order to grow.
  • Adapt…by changing constantly to user feedback.
  • Scale…by isolating pain points for users and scaling solutions.
  • Trust…your partners to take you to the next level.

Here are 21 lessons our Disruptors learned from blast off.   
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