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Tokenised assets and custody

RBC I&TS' Ian Sinclair, Head of Digital & Crypto Assets, discusses key emerging trends for tokenised assets and custody, including crypto, NFTs and more, with Finance Dublin.

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The intersection of technology and private equity investing

Learn how technology is re-shaping private equity investing and operations in an article featuring RBC I&TS' Mickael Fischer. 

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Driving legacy technology transformation

CSDR and proposed shifts to T+1 exemplify key external drivers of post-trade technology change. RBC I&TS' Ben Pumfrett outlines how to make a strong case for transformational technology change within an organization.

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Asset owner transformation 

The Asset Owner Transformation report and podcast series provide insights from RBC I&TS' Ryan Silva and other industry experts on the path to transformation for asset owners in Canada and abroad.

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The domicile choice shan’t raise eyebrows

Choosing the right domicile for private funds is key to the success of an emerging asset manager. RBC I&TS' Kerstin Lindgren shares her insights with HedgeNordic.

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Q2 2022 Canadian pension returns

Canadian defined benefit pension plans delivered negative returns this past quarter with the most significant decline since 2008.

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Shrinking runway for a soft landing

The July edition of Financial Markets Monthly from RBC Economics provides an analysis of Canadian, US and international financial market trends.

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