Davos dozen

The 53rd annual World Economic Forum just concluded in Davos, Switzerland under the banner of “Cooperation in a Fragmented World.” A record 600 CEOs, 200 cabinet ministers, 50 heads of government and 20 central bank governors met to exchange views of the world and discuss priorities for the year ahead.

RBC’s Senior Vice President, John Stackhouse, attended this year’s Forum—his eighth trip to Davos—and shares 12 themes that he gleaned from the get-together:

  1. It’s a fragmented world, after all
  2. Meh-conomy 101
  3. National security subsumes climate strategy
  4. The realities of reshoring
  5. Ukraine holds while Europe hopes
  6. China agitates while India accelerates
  7. The riskiest places on earth
  8. Soil, the new gold
  9. A concrete approach to climate
  10. In person, like never before
  11. The cloud wars
  12. Deep Tech takes Davos

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RBC Economics & Thought Leadership, The Meg-conomy & Matterhorn-sized risks: 12 themes for a fragmented world, Janurary 2023