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Special series on artificial intelligence

For the second year in a row, RBC ranked in the top three for artificial intelligence (AI) maturity among 50 global financial institutions in the Evident AI Index. In this podcast, Matthew Clark, Director of Innovation & Acceleration at RBC, continues our discussion on AI, zeroing in on RBC’s commitment to this powerful technology and how clients benefit:

“Practising ethical and responsible AI to benefit our clients and minimize risk is a key priority for RBC. It's the way we operate."

Matthew Clark
RBC Technology & Operations

  • RBC recognizes AI as a core competency, owning and operating the Borealis AI Research Institute with its singular emphasis on moving RBC forward in the AI space
  • Anti-money laundering and systems futureproofing are two areas where AI is currently being used within RBC Investor Services
  • RBC’s popular NOMI and Aiden applications include built-in AI to assist banking and capital markets clients
  • Generative AI has significant potential to document vast policy and procedure libraries, supporting RBC advice centres in responding to client queries


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