A new spirit of Indigenous reconciliation

Building the future while helping repair the past

Over the next decade, Canada is poised to develop 470 natural resources projects, worth an estimated $525 billion, mostly in the energy sector.

The First Nations Major Projects Coalition (FNMPC) estimates these projects could create more than $50 billion in equity opportunities for Indigenous communities. And a new national indigenous loan guarantee, laid out in the Canadian government’s Budget 2024, can help mobilize capital.

RBC’s new thought leadership report—The Business of Reconciliation—lays out three important strategies for Canadian business to consider in helping to advance both investment and reconciliation. Based on a series of cross-country “listening circles,” the report lays out a case for meaningful relationships, coalitions and investment in people and communities.


“Leading businesses and Indigenous communities have a short window of time to pick a path and forge it together.”

—The Business of Reconciliation


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